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Post  Thiago on Mon May 26, 2008 8:13 pm

Hi there everyone,

I have recently seriously begun working on my garden in my rental apartment in Long Island City, Queens. The landlord was very fond of my gardening enthusiasm and volunteered to buy all that I needed, which was nice of him. So, this past weekend, I built a few beds and planted tomato & parsley seedlings, cucumber, zuchinni, arugula and beets from seeds, and transplanted some mint and rosemary that I had in the house as well as a few other plants. They are now all making companionship to the fast growing grapevines that were already making good progress there.

I'm interested now in introducing a few productive perennials to the garden. Specifically, I'm interested in berry patches since the landlord isn't too keen on the idea of fruit trees in the limited space that we have. So, my questions: does anyone in this list have any experience growing any type of edible berry in their backyards here in the city? I have a few places where I could put the patches permanently (most of them somewhat shaded by these huge rose bushes that we have in the garden). If the shade may be a problem for the patches, I would also consider the idea of growing them in containers, this way, I could place them in a spot where they would get sun most of the day.

Any info on growing berries in the city would be greatly appreciated. Suggestions for other perennials, would be awesome too.

Best to all.


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